callable objects ?

Brendan Eich brendan at
Wed Apr 18 07:57:45 PDT 2012

The original post in this thread, from David Nolen, cited

In general there are more callable objects under the sun than function 
objects, but if the only way to make one is to write a proxy (now a 
direct proxy), the tax is too high:

* Two object allocations not one.
* A priori set-up when you might need mutation of an existing object to 
become callable.

These may not motivate you, I'm not trying to sell anyone. We should 
discuss utility and trade-offs more, so thanks for posting.

David mentioned Dart's considering a callable protocol too. I found this:

but I'm not sure if it is the latest. Perhaps you know more?


Andreas Rossberg wrote:
> I'm sorry, but can somebody explain what the real use case for all
> this would be? And why proxies do not already cover it? Do we really
> need to make _every_ object into half a (mutable?) function proxy now?
> /Andreas
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