try without catch or finally

Jussi Kalliokoski jussi.kalliokoski at
Wed Apr 18 02:45:29 PDT 2012

> Silent catch-alls like that are almost always bad code. I think the
> language rather shouldn't encourage this pattern with extra
> convenience.

I don't see how this would be much more encouraging than allowing for the
catch block to do nothing. The people who would use this would leave the
catch block empty anyway.

I am also perplexed as to how often things are countered with similar
arguments. Incompetent programmers make bad decisions regardless of how
much the language/framework/library does to prevent this. In my mind it's
not a valid excuse for not making things harder for those who know what
they're doing. (And I'm in no way claiming to be a competent developer,
this is just an opinion :])

> /Andreas
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