Proxies and function names: properties that are always non-configurable

Tom Van Cutsem at
Mon Apr 16 09:53:57 PDT 2012

2012/4/13 Brandon Benvie <brandon at>

> With other objects you can mostly manage the problem by creating a new
> instance using Object.create since nothing comes preinstalled. This
> obviously doesn't work for a functions, nor have I seen semantics on how
> inheritance for functions is support to work once we actually have the
> ability to do that. Has this been discussed anywhere yet? Have the
> semantics of how inheritance for functions is supposed to work in regards
> to the above properties?

There was a strawman proposal to add Function.create, inspired by
Object.create (not sure what the latest status of that is):

Inheritance among functions is also enabled by Allen's proto operator:

Not sure what is unclear about the semantics, though: AFAICT, both just
entail creating regular Function instances whose [[prototype]] is not
Function.prototype. This doesn't create any new interactions as far as
proxies are concerned.

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