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> What is a good term for functions that don’t have/use dynamic `this`? “Non-method function” defines them by what they aren’t, I would like a positive definition. I’ve considered the term “pure function”, but the adjective “pure” is already heavily overloaded, especially in functional programming.
> Your combination 'don't have/use'  confuses me. A function declaration does not have a 'this', dynamic or not, but it can use 'this' and expect it to be bound dynamically. A function object created from the function declaration can have 'this', but only if it is bound, which in my understanding is therefore not dynamic. To me 'having a dynamic this' is an oxymoron: if you have it, then it ain't dynamic.
> Can you un-confuse me?

I was thinking of the function’s “activation record” where a `this` field is part of the ExecutionContext.

Maybe a better way is to ask:
“What is a good term for functions that have no use for their own `this`, that want to access the `this` of their surrounding scope?”

I find human language tricky here...

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