callable objects ?

Michael Fogus mefogus at
Wed Apr 11 16:53:36 PDT 2012

> JS was not allowed to be "Scheme in the browser".

There will be 42 Scheme->JS transpilers by the end of 2012.


> No problem, you say, we can leave typeof alone and add a callable predicate
> and evangelize that. Ok, provided the callable protocol uses an ES6 private
> name (think gensym), any public name could be in use and make a false
> positive when testing callability.

Most of what you describe is a consequence of backwards compatibility
and maximum dynamicity. ClojureScript gets a pass on these problems
(for the most part) because of its focus for use and compilation
model. Agreed adding these capabilities into JS is a sticky situation
and not something that I envy. I'm glad smarter people than me are
working on it.

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