Re: Terminology: “non-method function”

Wes Garland wes at
Wed Apr 11 13:32:13 PDT 2012

>From a developer's POV - the terms bound/unbound makes a create deal of
sense, since already have bind, which effectively turns an unbound function
into a bound function.  It basically completes the thought and makes it
easy to explain.

Heck, it even makes this behaviour easy to explain:

function ABC()
  this.hello = "world";
ABC.prototype.def = function() { alert(this.hello) };
window.onclick = new ABC().def;

Q: Why does my program alert undefined?
A: The default behaviour for an event handler is to bind the event itself
as 'this'. If you wanted that program to alert "world", you should have
used a *bound function* instead.


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