Source Map Standard

David Bruant bruant.d at
Wed Apr 11 12:22:43 PDT 2012

Le 11/04/2012 20:11, Joey Schorr a écrit :
> Greetings ES Discuss!
> We (Joey Schorr and John Lenz, CCed) are some of the authors of the
> source map specification that is now implemented by WebKit and
> Firefox, as well as a number of compilers (Closure Compiler, GWT and
> soon CoffeeScript).
I have some more technical questions. Some are partially answered in the
specification you linked to, but I'd be interested in a response here so
that we can all discuss it.

If I want to start tomorrow a language that compiles down to JavaScript,
what constraints do I need to fulfill to be compatible with your
Am I constrained in my language design?
Do I have constraints in my compiler (do I need to ship in a certain way)?

I see that language neutral stack tracing is not supported, but what is
your experience with the languages you currently support? How different
can it be from language to language? (related: is it worthwhile to get
inspiration in the work for other languages?)


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