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On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 2:45 PM, David Bruant <bruant.d at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am not part of TC39.
> I do not really have any opinion on whether it's a good or bad idea, but
> I have some questions (below):
> Le 11/04/2012 20:11, Joey Schorr a écrit :
> > Greetings ES Discuss!
> >
> > We (Joey Schorr and John Lenz, CCed) are some of the authors of the
> > source map specification that is now implemented by WebKit and
> > Firefox, as well as a number of compilers (Closure Compiler, GWT and
> > soon CoffeeScript). Given that the specification is becoming a
> > de-facto standard for mapping of code which is compiled to JS, we were
> > curious if there was any interest in making it an actual standard
> > under TC39.
> What's your interest in seeing this happening?
> What would be the benefit for you?
> For the spec?

It would encourage discussion and further development, as well as making it
seem less like just a side project and more like a legit "good to have" in
browsers (and other platforms that support JS)

> > The current specification can be found
> > here:
> ,
> > with a number of contributions from all the various parties involved.
> It seems like a good specification already (I can't see a copyright or
> licence. What's the status on that?). And you have two interoperable
> implementations apparently.
> What more would you need from a standardisation process?

Codifying it in some easy to find place and perhaps expansion of it at a
later date.

Reaching out more browsers to adopt it?

That would certainly be one of the goals.

> As much as I enjoy JavaScript, I'm aware of its limitations and I'm
> looking forward to more languages compiling down to JavaScript and your
> work is an excellent step towards having more of such languages, so
> thank you :-)

Our pleasure :)

> David
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