Re: Terminology: “non-method function”

Allen Wirfs-Brock allen at
Wed Apr 11 09:44:14 PDT 2012

On Apr 11, 2012, at 7:12 AM, Peter van der Zee wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 1:01 AM, Axel Rauschmayer <axel at> wrote:
>> What is a good term for functions that don’t have/use dynamic `this`?
> A bound function?

I'm leaning in that direction.  A bound function has an unbound (dynamic) this while a bound function has a bound (fixed) this.

To further clarify this it might be useful to better differentiate  binding this from currying the arguments.

We might do this by adding a new Function.prototype.curry function that doesn't have a this value as its first argument.

You would then

If you want to create a curried function from fn with 1 and 2 as the first two fn arguments. and:


if you want to created a bound version of fn where this is bound to the value of foo.

The semantics of 

could then be explained as being equivalent to 



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