Arrow function syntax cover syntax

Brendan Eich brendan at
Mon Apr 9 14:16:59 PDT 2012

Russell Leggett wrote:
>     Or allow it in the grammar and then disallow it in the
>     post-processing. IOW, a cover grammar doesn't have to force us to
>     introduce new syntactic forms, they just force us to put them in
>     the *grammar*. The post-processing, which essentially defines the
>     two sub-grammars for the two separate contexts, can remove the
>     syntactic forms we don't want to provide semantics for.
> Hmm...a deviously simple solution, and yet - it feels so wrong. 
> Grammatically legal and yet illegal. I sense complaints by 
> implementors. :)

Implementors all (AFAIK) use top-down parsers that have no problem 
implementing left-hand-side expressions without reifying Reference 
types, that is by validating a parse tree and throwing early errors on 
illegal LHS of assignment, ++, etc.

There's still a smell if the cover grammar covers too much, but I think 
'...' is tolerable. Thanks, Arv, for pointing this out.


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