Complete Minimal Classes

Brendan Eich brendan at
Sat Apr 7 12:55:33 PDT 2012

Kevin Smith wrote:
> The Event constants (AT_TARGET, etc.) are defined on the Event 
> prototype (as well as on the constructor).
Java hold-over, I think (class statics are available on instances, IIRC).

> Another use case, mentioned by Dave, would be adding generic methods 
> defined elsewhere to the prototype.
This is a better one. Your braced sub-body would work and perhaps be 
enough syn-tax to keep the footgun aimed at the right target, or on-safe.

I could still defer it and live, in the spirit of getting enough of 
classes through and building on it based on cow movement later. But I'm 
with you in not wanting to do too little, or (Waldemar's concern) steer 
the herd in a direction we will foreseeably regret (but I don't have 
Waldemar's foresight -- not sure I believe in that in this domain).

> Right - which is why it would be nice to be able to specify the 
> behaviors separately.
I like your new(){}/static(){} idea at a glance. Need to ruminate (moo!) 
on it at length.


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