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> Again, the entire point of maximally-minimal classes was to be as
>> simple as possible while still providing something useful (which they
>> succeeded at), and to remain friendly to becoming more complicated in
>> the future (also succeeded!).
> Even if maximally minimal classes could make it into ES6, why not try to
> make a complete syntax (and model) now?  We've come this far...
> Do you disagree with any of the four points that I made?

What you're missing is the history. Do you think that your proposal is so
much more compelling than the several which have come before? Don't get me
wrong - I don't think its bad. I'm not trying to belittle it, I'm trying to
get you to see why Max-min is more than something half-baked. What's wrong
with this one <> or this
one <> or this
one <>? You probably have your reasons, and
other people have the same type of problems with yours. I think the biggest
problem with getting classes into JS is because it is beyond the point
where a single visionary language designer can just step in and make the
decision. Classes are just one of those things hairy enough that consensus
is just so challenging.

The question we should be asking is, "Assuming we went with max-min or
something like it, why would future decisions be any easier than they are
now." I say that if something like max-min is the only way to get classes
into the hands of users, that is an important accomplishment. JS is taking
the IMHO smart approach of paving the cowpaths. Max-min certainly paves a
well worn and important cowpath instead of treading too far into new
territory. After its paved, and we get other things in the mix like private
names, and turn people loose, new cowpaths will form that build from what
we've got. Then we'll have a clearer picture of the best route to take
next. If we keep going around looking for a complete solution, nothing will
happen, now cowpath will be paved, and we really won't be closer for ES7.
That is what I fear the most.

- Russ

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