Development Mode/Production Mode

Brandon Benvie brandon at
Sun Apr 1 01:28:38 PDT 2012

Forgive me if this has been discussed before but I read back as much as I
could and couldn't find a reference. With all the discussion that has
happened in the past about various modes, ES6 strict opt-in, etc. there
never seems to be mention of the concept of an optional especially strict
mode specifically designed for development. The premise is this: when I
developer something I want as many early errors as possible and nothing
hidden away behind some abstraction, so it can be fixed. When something
goes live it just needs to work, or gracefully fail, hopefully landing in
error handlers that were provided, while sending home debug information.
All of the discussion I've seen doesn't seen to be from this kind of angle,
more of all or nothing it seems.

There isn't some sort of mode toggle under discussions for ES6 that is
specifically anticipated as a dev/production toggle, is there?
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