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On Oct 1, 2011, at 2:16 , Juan Ignacio Dopazo wrote:

>> 1. Don't forget super getters/setters. Those are helpful.
> Not sure how often they would be used and whether they need to be part of a minimal feature set.
> Isn't it just a matter of referring to the property with "super"?
> class Pirate {
>   get name() {
>     return "Captn' " +;
>   }
> }
> Anyway, considering "super" a feature on its own that also works on regular objects is probably better.
>> 4. This should mean that there must be a way of setting class/static properties
> Exactly, that’s one of the pieces.
>> 7. Encapsulation/privacy should be there somewhere.
> The private names proposal should work, as a first solution.
> That doesn't solve a very common use case: private subroutines for public methods.

Can you elaborate? Subroutines sound like nested functions.

> I think we need to get our creative mindset on and come up with a better name for "static" ASAP before this gets more complicated.

Done. Look here:

The section syntax is quite slick. And the name “class” works out nicely, in several roles.

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