# proposal extensions (Was: Re: Sep 26 meeting notes)

Allen Wirfs-Brock allen at wirfs-brock.com
Thu Sep 29 15:20:10 PDT 2011

On Sep 29, 2011, at 3:03 PM, Brendan Eich wrote:

> On Sep 29, 2011, at 10:07 PM, Sean Eagan wrote:
>> So if #[] is added as shorthand for a sealed Array, do you agree that
>> #[0,,1] should be a syntax error ?
> I thought I just said so ("Sure, this carries over for all tuple proposals" in reply to your "holes => syntax error").

If sparse arrays are believed to have general utility then why wouldn't a initializer form for immutable sparse arrays also have utility?  Perhaps because anything you might reasonably write as an  literal initializer is too small for sparseness to matter? But I'm not so sure that argument applies to mechanically generated code.


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