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I defiantly like this `<|` operator. I would happily have this instead.

> I'm a big fan of the proto operator proposal, however, as raised
> previously this operator relies on the object being created to have an
> intialisation syntax. This prevents, for instance, Date objects to have
> a custom prototype with this method. I am not very familiar with it yet,
> but I think that if they ever came to life, ParallelArrays [2] would
> suffer from the same problem.
> By the way, could someone add this concern as a note ("open issue" or
> "limitation" or something like this) in the proto operator page, please?
I don't understand the limitation for `Date`.

var d = proto <| new Date();

That would appear to just work for me. Of course it would be sensible that
proto has Date.prototype somewhere in the chain

> One even more generic way which would work even for objects that have no
> initialization syntax would to standardize one of [3] or [4]. Is there a
> wiki page mentionning these two functions somewhere? If not, may it be
> added and linked in some way to the proto operator?

Personally I would be tempted to say that making mutating the prototype
chain of an object after creating leads to black magic and abuse.

> David
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
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