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Sat Sep 24 06:33:18 PDT 2011

There is no standardized way to create a new function with a prototype which
is not Function.prototype.

I propose Function.create

      Creates a new function whose prototype is proto.
      The function body is the same as the function fbody.
      The hash of propertydescriptors props is passed to defineproperties
just like
      Object.create does.
    Function.create = (function() {
      var functionBody = function _getFunctionBody(f) {
        return f.toString().replace(/.+\{/, "").replace(/\}$/, "");
      var letters = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz".split("");

      return function _create(proto, fbody, props) {
        var parameters = letters.slice(0, fbody.length);
        var f = Function.apply(this, parameters);
        f.__proto__ = proto;
        Object.defineProperties(f, props);
        return f;

This is the same as Object.create except the second parameter is a function.

It will create a new function whose function body is the same as the
function passed in.

I don't believe this is possible to do in ES5 without __proto__

jsfiddle showing an example. <>

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