[Harmony proxies] [[Construct]] semantics breaks the expectation of seeing an object as return value

David Bruant david.bruant at labri.fr
Fri Sep 23 06:32:40 PDT 2011


In ES5.1 - 13.2.2 is defined functions instances [[Construct]]. As one 
can notice, it always returns something of type Object (as per ES5.1 - 
8.6). Consequently, a call to "new A()" always reliably either returns 
an object or throws an exception.

Proxies semantics of [[Construct]] states that (step 5) the [[Call]] 
internal method of constructhandler should be called. It opens the door 
to returning things which are not objects (number, boolean, undefined, ...).

I can't think of precedents of this for host objects and I don't really 
see a use case in allowing "new A()" to return something else than an object

When writing functions intended to be used as constructors, people may 
be used of |this| being used as the to-be-returned object and expect 
this behavior even if defining a constructor.

So i would be in favor of adding a type check between step 5 and 6.


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