Generalization of destructuring assignment, has this been discussed before?

Lasse Reichstein reichsteinatwork at
Wed Sep 21 00:17:20 PDT 2011

Destructuring allows, e.g.,
  var o = {};
  [o.x, o.y] = [1, 2];
I.e., a generic LValue as a Field.

Could this be generalized to working outside of array/object braces in
declarations, e.g.:
  var o.x = 42;   // Declared non-configurable
  const o.x = 37;  // Declared non-Wrtiable and non-configurable
and the *real* reason for suggesting it, a highly convenient shorthand:
  function { ... }

I think I have seen this suggested before, but it might just be Crockford's
web pages at some point (perhaps the one suggesting "::" as abbreviation for
".prototype."). Has it been suggested for ES?

There doesn't seem to be any syntactic ambiguity (but it can foil look-ahead
on functions if function
calls are allowed as LValues, since "function foo()()()()()()()() { ... } "
won't know which parenthesis
starts the arguments until it sees the end of them).

Ofcourse, "classes" might remove the usecase for "in place function
declaration" above.

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