Kyle Simpson getify at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 07:56:47 PDT 2011

> If I was a programmer
> looking for something like weak referencing in JS for the first time,
> "weak" is what I'd be searching for.

But if you're actually aware of weakrefs (as I am), and you're searching for 
them in JS (as I was), and you see "WeakMap" (as I did), and you make the 
conclusion that "Weak" in the name means in fact weak references (as I did), 
then you probably also (as I did) assume that *all* the refs are weak. 
That's a failed conclusion, because only the keyrefs are weak.

The name doesn't do anything to enlighten you that it only offers weak 
keyrefs and not weak valuerefs -- in fact, by your "discovery" line of 
reasoning, the name is almost a landmine that traps/misleads someone who 
does in fact know about weakrefs -- someone who didn't know about weakrefs 
wouldn't necessarily make the same deductive assumption by seeing "weak" in 
the name.

Misleading/confusing with an API name is, IMHO, worse than less 
implementation-self-descriptive naming.


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