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> Regarding tool support, adding type annotations in comments (JSDoc-style)
> should be enough, mid-term.
> For IDEs, it would really help if there weren’t so many competing standards
> for even the most basic things in the JS world.  For example:
> (1) Doc comments
> (2) Unit tests
> (3) Type annotations
> [ Will become language features: inheritance API, module API ]
> Is there really no way to standardize these? Some kind of best practice,
> recommended by TC39? The current state of affairs really hurts JavaScript.
> If Java can standardize (1) and have the quasi-standard JUnit für (2), why
> can’t JavaScript?
> --
> Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
> CommonJS is a great place to start.

They're already standardizing Promises and Asynchronous Module Loaders. They
have also started with Unit Tests. And the great part is that the community
is actually listening and taking it into account. Dojo 2 will use CommonJS
modules and I wouldn't be surprised if jQueryUI went that way (I already
have a draft implementation for it).

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