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Mon Sep 12 13:17:34 PDT 2011

>> Right. Those tell me that guards are not *currently* scheduled for ES6. Have all decisions in this regard already been made?
> Pretty much -- the guards and trademarking proposals came in at the May meeting, kind of last minute. We could start worrying about Dart and try to revive them. Would that be good for ES6? Would it actually "work" in some sense to keep up with Dart?
> I think it would be classic mission creep or "jump", and a disorderly way to manage the pipeline of stuff flowing into JS. Better to get some prototypes going based on the strawman proposals, user-test them, and come back to TC39 better informed. If Dart also provides insights, great.

If type guards are not ready yet, then the decision is easy – don’t do it. Otherwise, getting it in seems worth the hassle (more than for any other strawman proposal). This decision also depends on how long ES7 is going to take.

Regarding tool support, adding type annotations in comments (JSDoc-style) should be enough, mid-term.

For IDEs, it would really help if there weren’t so many competing standards for even the most basic things in the JS world.  For example:

(1) Doc comments
(2) Unit tests
(3) Type annotations
[ Will become language features: inheritance API, module API ]

Is there really no way to standardize these? Some kind of best practice, recommended by TC39? The current state of affairs really hurts JavaScript. If Java can standardize (1) and have the quasi-standard JUnit für (2), why can’t JavaScript?

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