sort keys with JSON.stringify()

Brian Kardell bkardell at
Mon Sep 12 08:07:32 PDT 2011

But Doug, just to clarify:  You mean that the parsed objects create no
predictable insertion order right?  It is actually possible to use replacer
to serialize keys in a particular order, and that might be enough for what
he is looking for (if two objects serialized as the same string they would
be equal).

Perhaps I am over simplifying his question or I misunderstand your response.
On Sep 11, 2011 3:05 PM, "Douglas Crockford" <douglas at> wrote:
> On 11:59 AM, Felipe Gasper wrote:
>> Is it possible to get sorted keys:
>> {a:1,c:3}
>> …from running JSON.stringify when declaring an object thus:
>> {c:3,a:1}
> JSON objects are unordered. If order is important, then use an array.
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