IDE support?

Axel Rauschmayer axel at
Sun Sep 11 15:41:21 PDT 2011

> Language's don't need direct support for IDE's to have good IDEs (most of the good Java IDEs worked through reflection and manual parsing of the source files and parsing of defacto standard comment formatting).

I mostly agree. However, I have yet to find an IDE that makes source code navigation and refactoring as fun as Eclipse (as long as you don’t install plugins…). Note that language-wise, I much prefer JS to Java. The problem seems to be that every JS framework invents its own inheritance system. Something that will hopefully slowly disappear with class literals (and proxies, because then you don’t need clumsy work-arounds to do data binding for GUIs).

For Java, static typing helps as well, as does a standard way of organizing packages. For JavaScript, type guards would be a nice complement to type inference. And modules will be wonderful, anyway.

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