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Axel Rauschmayer axel at
Sun Sep 11 15:10:30 PDT 2011

One thing I liked about the Dash/Dart email was that it explicitly stated the goal of tool/IDE support (this is the only area where I miss Java when programming JavaScript). Is there something corresponding among the Harmony goals [1]? (5) Support a statically verifiable, object-capability secure subset(?)

For IDE-support we already have class literals in What is still missing? Type guards? Will those make it into

I find that there is a lot of cool stuff going into which will make it highly competitive with whatever Google can possibly come up with. However, a good Dart IDE can do much to increase Dart’s appeal. On the other hand, the market for a good JavaScript IDE is large (as in “unfragmented”) and only becoming larger, so maybe we’ll eventually get there.


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