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> I was actually very specifically looking for an answer regarding First
> letter casing for non-constructor built-in objects, ie. Math and Proxy. I
> think the legacy Java style guide influence addresses the question as best
> as I can hope for.

These  *did* come to us via Java (well, not Proxy), but they are hardly a
matter of style; they are a matter of specification.

Generally we name constructor functions with CapitalLeadingCamelCase and
everything else with smallLeadingCamelCase.  I think I picked this up from
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition, by David Flanagan, about
4,000 years ago.

As for other matters of style, I am a big proponent of brace-on-a-line in
C-syntax languages, however this has proven to be a problem in practice with
JavaScript due to the interaction between automatic semicolin insertion and
object literal syntax in return statements:

  Hello: "world"

is not the same as

return {
  Hello: "world"


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