[Harmony Proxies] Non-extensible, sealed and frozen Proxies

Kevin Reid kpreid at switchb.org
Wed Sep 7 10:08:32 PDT 2011

On Sep 7, 2011, at 9:58, David Bruant wrote:

>> I still don't see how it would work out for NodeList or other host objects. Then again, I don't know whether there is a use case that requires this.
> Emulating the DOM, probably. 

For virtualization of things like the DOM, reusing the host's [[Class]], or being able to fix a proxy into a host object (if I correctly understand that those are what is being discussed), is not actually what is wanted. Rather, it needs to be possible to create a *separate* set of objects which have the same relationships among *themselves*. That is, given that in browsers document.[[Class]] == HTMLDocument, we want to be able to define MyHTMLDocument such that myDocument.[[Class]] == MyHTMLDocument.

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