Globalization API Feedback - moar!

Luke Hoban lukeh at
Wed Nov 30 21:52:36 PST 2011

> Speaking on behalf of real world web developers, the opposition to "Globalization" is that it's unnecessarily long. This is a long standing problem with APIs that are designed by people that don't have to use them everyday. 

Agreed - a shorter name would be better - but the alternative being discussed here is not a shorter name - it's this tradeoff:

"Globalization" vs. "Object.System.loaded['@globalization']"

That is, the alternative here is 3 times as long as the already 'unnecessarily long' option.  As Brendan noted, we still need to do the API design on the system module loader to try to streamline this - but the design space currently being explored won't lead to this being shorter than "Globalization", so the length argument by itself would seem to favor a single global name.

There was an earlier thread discussing alternatives to "Globalization", several of which are shorter and may be appropriate choices instead.


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