Direct proxies update

Tom Van Cutsem at
Thu Nov 24 01:36:15 PST 2011


As a follow-up to last week's TC39 meeting, I rearranged things on the wiki
to reflect our current thinking on proxies. The previous Proxy API is now
superseded by the direct proxies API <>. I put my
own notes on the discussion of direct proxies at the meeting on the old
strawman page: <

Work in progress:
- Definition of a built-in handler that enables proxy handlers to still
inherit all derived trap implementations, as suggested at the meeting: <>

- Definition of a standard "@reflect" module: <>
One observation I made while working on this module is that it's probably a
bad idea to use keywords as trap names (delete, new), since such names
cannot be straightforwardly imported/exported from modules. We should
probably consider using the names 'deleteProperty' and 'construct' instead.

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