Nov 16 meeting notes

Till Schneidereit tschneidereit at
Wed Nov 23 17:01:00 PST 2011

>> (I survived the Algol68 report. If you want to have only one precise meaning for a word, don't borrow one from a natural language. Otherwise just accept that in technical usage, a word's meaning(s) may be only loosely connected to its natural language meanings.)
> I'm just basing this on my experience. I'm used to "the number of things in this collection" being called the "size" not the "length".
> Also, as someone pointed out in this thread, the length of an array is *not* the same as the number of indexed elements of the array, thanks to holes. So not only are the words different in English (IME, IMHO, YMMV, yadda yadda yadda) but the actual operations we're talking about are different.

I agree about "size" being the right name:

- "set count" sounds like it means "the number of sets", not "the
number of elements contained in this set"

- "set length" sounds like, well, nothing, really. And "length" is
already taken and means something very different

- "set size" sounds just about perfect

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