Nov 16 meeting notes

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Wed Nov 23 10:31:39 PST 2011

>> Please keep the general js api consistent.
> A foolish consistency...
> We also use 'hasOwnProperty' and 'forEach' and 'toLocaleString' in JS. Why not use those names? Because it's not the same operation. Neither is it the same thing as .length. An array is a sequential data structure, so it uses .length. A map and a set is not a sequential data structure, so it should not.

I do get the point, though: Whatever is introduced should be supported consistently. But that is already in the works, if arrays will indeed have the same size/cardinality-related property as collections.

The negative example is Java, where you have length, length(), size() and many other things. JavaScript is still fairly uniform, with the DOM being the exception.

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