motivating <| as structure representation, not operator

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Sat Nov 19 10:00:25 PST 2011

> Having answered your concerns, might I add one of my
> own, not addressed to anyone in particular? I can deal with
> misformatting, overquoting, quotes not separated from
> inline replies (that one is hard, though). But I do sometimes
> wish that people would spend as much time reading and
> thinking as I spend on trying to present my thoughts.
> Hair-trigger and off-topic replies not only derail email
> threads, they water down content/noise density. I'd rather
> spend a few minutes reading a well-thought-out message
> than wading through a thread of half a dozen bite-sized
> quick reactions and retractions. In my mind, that is email's
> killer advantage over twitter, after all.

I agree. But judging from how badly my own attention span has eroded over the years, I understand why it happens. If something is beyond a certain length, people (and I don’t exclude myself from that category ;-) simply won’t read it. Or only if they are deeply interested (which one can’t always expect them to be).

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