default this binding for ES-next strict mode.

Jake Verbaten raynos2 at
Fri Nov 18 13:18:29 PST 2011

Currently in ES5 strict mode the value of `this` is `undefined` by default.

function foo() {
  return this;

foo(); // undefined

function foo() {
  return (function () {
    return this;
}; // undefined

Since the default value of `this` is always undefined, the `var that =
this;` or `var self = this;` pattern has occurred. An alternative to this
pattern is using .bind on a function.

var Obj = {
  method: function () {
    var that = this;
    el.addEventListener("click", function () {

Basically whenever a javascript developer want's to do an asynchronous
operation using a closure inside a method he has to keep a handle on the
value of `this` because the value of `this` inside the closure is useless.
This is more common in environments where asynchronous operations are more
common, like node.js.

What if we changed the value of `this` inside local function declarations
to be the value of this in the outer function. That would mean

function foo() {
  return (function () {
    return this;
}; // o

 - Removes the majority of the use-cases for `var that = this`
 - Puts a value of `this` to good use rather then being `undefined`.

 - Makes `this` more "confusing"
 - Breaks ES5 strict code that assumes `this === undefined`

Personally I say that value of `this` is undefined in ES5 strict. So nobody
uses it. So this is an optional addition that would make life easier for
people who want to use it.

Optional: Change the value of `this` to be the outer function `this` in
non-strict mode (breaking a large amount of code. I don't think we can get
away with that).
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