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Gillam, Richard gillam at
Thu Nov 17 18:35:20 PST 2011

> 1) String.prototype.reverse(), as proposed, corrupts supplementary characters. Clause 6 of Ecma-262 redefines the word "character" as "a 16-bit unsigned value used to represent a single 16-bit unit of text", that is, a UTF-16 code unit. In contrast, the phrase "Unicode character" is used for Unicode code points. For reverse(), this means that the proposed spec will reverse the sequence of the two UTF-16 code units representing a supplementary character, resulting in corruption. If this function is really needed (is it? for what?), it should preserve the order of surrogate pairs, as does java.lang.StringBuilder.reverse:

It's actually worse than this: it'll also reverse the order of combining character sequences, causing any combining characters to attach to a different base character than they did in the original string: a-accent-e, when "accent" is a combining accent, means the accent is on the a; reversing the string would put the accent on the e.

--Rich Gillam

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