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>>>>    obj with { foo: 12 } with { bar: 13 } with { baz: 17 }
>> I like the idea! As it is syntactically different in this role, errors should be easy to spot.
>> But I think `with` “points in the wrong direction” (object `obj` *with* prototype `proto`). That is, to me, it suggests a pointer going from prototype to object.
> Well, ultimately the directionality is arbitrary. In my proposal it's "prototype `obj` *with* instance `blah`". This results in LTR whereas the other way ends up RTL. JS is built around English, so LTR seems more appropriate (with all due sympathy to our Hebrew-speaking programmers!).

Going from
     P <--has-prototype-- o
     P --has-instance--> o
is fine with me, but it’s not the directionality of [[Prototype]].

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