Nov 16 meeting notes

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Thu Nov 17 03:49:40 PST 2011

>> Map/Set:
>> Size property should be a getter property with no matching setter.  It's defined on the property.
>> What is its name?  size, count, or length?  Decide on es-discuss.

Given that Array already uses `length`, it seems like the obvious choice.

Some of the things discussed should probably considered in the wider context of a well-designed collection library. Is anyone working on such a thing? Should there be efforts to make it happen (whether inside TC39 or externally, whether via a single party or via multiple parties)? It might not make it into, but it could inform decisions. Such a library is such a core element of a programming language that we should have a good one as soon as possible. The same holds for other utility functionality (IMHO, is still too frugal in this department).


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