Notes from TC39 2011-11-16 meeting wrt. globalization

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Wed Nov 16 15:58:46 PST 2011

Notes related to Globalization Ad Hoc group items.

   - Final document has to be ready by the end of February 2012
   - Comments from TC39 meeting incorporated into a final document by mid
   April (hopefully the comments are minimal)
   - ES 262 test harness should be used - we should talk to the test
   harness maintainer (he is on parental leave as of yesterday, but Bill
   Ticehurst, Microsoft, is a good alternative contact)
   - Plan for test 262 should be presented at the March meeting (TR for
   separate spec, but TC39 needs to work it out - what’s exactly needed?)
   - Add an Annex to the draft with informal/explanatory part of the doc
   (again, by February)
   - Norbert gave Internationalization group status update as item 4.3
   - Norbert created slide deck based on our 11/15/2011 meeting at Google,
   which he is going to present as item 5.3 of the TC39 meeting agenda

Technical presentation and discussion (item 5.3)

   - setDefaultLocale on Globalization (implement a way to change default
   - Move localeList into options parameter?
   - Sync up with HTML5 time element (,<>
   - Globalization namespace maybe taken by jQuery plugin
   - Use modules? (may be done ahead of standard) - or use other namespace
   - they are proposing Object.System but will have to hash it out on the list
   - API too Java like? Maybe implement shortcuts without user needing to
   new DateTimeFormat to format
   - We need to initiate discussion on es-discuss about namespace and API
   - Supplementary characters - some things are in UTF-16 some are not -
   specify that our algorithm uses UTF-16 encoding
   - Introduce ValueError to core language? (maybe use TypeError, or use
   .error property of exception object to detect/change)

Nebojša Ćirić
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