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Norbert Lindenberg ecmascript at
Tue Nov 15 23:53:50 PST 2011

Hi Luke,

A few comments on the proposed String functions:

1) String.prototype.reverse(), as proposed, corrupts supplementary characters. Clause 6 of Ecma-262 redefines the word "character" as "a 16-bit unsigned value used to represent a single 16-bit unit of text", that is, a UTF-16 code unit. In contrast, the phrase "Unicode character" is used for Unicode code points. For reverse(), this means that the proposed spec will reverse the sequence of the two UTF-16 code units representing a supplementary character, resulting in corruption. If this function is really needed (is it? for what?), it should preserve the order of surrogate pairs, as does java.lang.StringBuilder.reverse:

2) String.prototype.toArray(), as proposed, breaks up the surrogate pairs representing supplementary characters and returns each UTF-16 code unit separately. This follows an unfortunate precedent set by String.prototype.split() and other functions. The function should be named to clearly indicate that it returns an array of UTF-16 code units. This also allows us to offer a parallel function that returns an array of code points.

3) String.prototype.toArray() was originally proposed as an equivalent of this.split(''), that is, returning an array of String values. The proposed specification fills the array with elements defined as "the character at position n in S", which according to clause 6 would mean 16-bit unsigned values. It seems there needs to be a conversion to the intended type of the elements.


On Nov 15, 2011, at 17:37 , Luke Hoban wrote:

> The Harmony proposals page contains several additions to the core String, Number and Math libraries, adding some of the most commonly created and requested helper operations to these libraries for ES6.  I've uploaded to the wiki a first draft of candidate spec text for these library additions:
> * DOC:
> * PDF:
> There are a few remaining open issues, which I've listed in the corresponding proposal pages:
> * Math Extras
> * String Extras
> Feedback welcome.
> Luke

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