Dmitry Soshnikov dmitry.soshnikov at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 04:34:40 PST 2011


<Just on the Rights of a bike-shedding :)>

R-proto-class is my quick experiment of yet another class lib for ES5: 

Main features are:

  * Simple super calls (with mentioned before, but modified, 
"delete-restore" parent link); used only for classes.

  * using Object.create for inheritance (the main part of this lib 
variant) -- at user-level a programmer uses native Object.create

  * Class.new is a wrapper over Class.allocate and Class.initialize. 
I.e. overriding <UserClass>.allocate you may allocate different objects

It's just a lib, it's not proposed for standardization (you may even not 
to comment on this letter, just take a look for a curiosity); it's just 
shown again, that in both ES3 and ES5 we had and have lib-versions of 
such sugar, including good class-level super-calls. So again, if to talk 
about standardization, then the standardized version (whichever it will 
be) should be at _least_ much better than all these libs. Including 


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