Function proxies without explicit construct trap

Tom Van Cutsem at
Sun Nov 13 07:51:19 PST 2011

Hi Andreas,

All good points, and I don't recall any of them being intentional. Your
points seem to suggest changing the semantics such that calling "new
fproxy()" on a function proxy without a construct trap should perhaps just
simply throw a TypeError.

Now, in the direct proxies design, a missing [[Construct]] trap could
simply forward to the [[Construct]] internal method of the target (not the
call trap!). That would be cleaner (direct proxies no longer feature a
"virtual" prototype, they reuse the target's prototype anyway) and seems to
be where we were trying to take the current [[Construct]] trap default
behavior. Unfortunately, since current proxies don't have a target, we
chose the call trap, which isn't quite the right choice.

Regarding the test case: I think it is broken (IMHO, it expects the most
intuitive result. Since the current semantics don't align with that
intuition, that's a good enough signal for me that we should probably
change the behavior to throw a TypeError). I'll update the test case.


2011/11/10 Andreas Rossberg <rossberg at>

> I think the specification of [[Construct]] for function proxies may
> not currently be doing what it is intended to do. If the proxy does
> not have a construct trap, the method simply delegates to the
> [[Construct]] method of the call trap. AFAICS, that has two
> consequences:
> 1. The prototype is taken from the call trap, not from the proxy.
> 2. If the trap returns a primitive value, that will be ignored and
> replaced with a freshly allocated object, as usual.
> It is not clear to me whether either was intended, but the former
> seems surprising, and the latter is inconsistent with the behaviour
> expected by the construct-primitive test case from
> <>.
> Any ideas?
> /Andreas
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