Subclassing an array and array methods

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Fri Nov 11 10:26:45 PST 2011

On Nov 11, 2011, at 9:47 AM, Axel Rauschmayer wrote:

>> function createArraySubclass(proto,...values) {
>>   return proto <| [...values].{
>>         [Array.derivedArrayKey](){return proto<| [ ]}
>>   }
>> }
> I’m curious: Why wouldn’t one extend Array, instead?

the problem is with built-ins like Array.prototype.filter that produce a new collection object.  Today the new collection is always an Array, but for some operations you would really like the new collection to be the same kind of collection as original collection or something other than Array.

In Smalltalk (and I believe  self) this is done by collections having a methods named "species" that returns the class that should be used to create the new collection.  Part of the design of a new collection class is the assignment of its "species".  In my sketch above, a call to the private derivedArray method is the equivalent to saying:
   self species new
in Smalltalk.

So, if I have an object created by creteArraySubclass and say:

let f = obj.filter(function(element) {return isGood(element)});

then f will be an instance of the array subclass rather than a direct instance of Array.

This also would work if obj was any generic array-like collection that had a derivedArray method.  Even if the collection didn't inherit from Array.prototype

let f = [],function(element) {return isGood(element)});

If the built-in Array prototype functions were respecified to use elementGet/elementSet from instead of [[Get]]/[[DefineOwnProperty]] to process elements then those functions would work with any collection that had integer indexed keyed data elements.


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