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>> I see two domains for the concept of “own” properties:
>> 1. Meta-programming.
> Could you expand on the use of `own' properties for meta-programming? I'm afraid I can't really envision it =/

Whenever you copy properties from one object to another one, you are usually doing meta-programming (unless you use an object as a dictionary).

>> 2. Using objects as dictionaries.
>> Isn’t #2 the majority (at least as far as non-library-programmers are concerned)? Will the concept become less relevant once we have David Herman’s dicts?
> I would think most of the cases where objects are used as dicts would be solved by using `Object.create(null)', today on ES5-compliant engines. Except for the nasty, nasty `__proto__' on engines that use that magic, but then you can proxy property access/assignment. It's quite ad-hoc, but works.
> The dicts proposal looks nice though.

Modulo what Allen is proposing for [] to keep program domain and data domain separate. Then dicts can actually get a size() method.

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