, hasOwnProperty(), and inheritance

Felipe Gasper felipe at
Tue Nov 8 12:25:56 PST 2011

On 11/8/11 2:19 PM, Jake Verbaten wrote:
> Flexibility of shared state?
> Are you really corrupting the state of defaults at runtime? Do you
> really want changes to your default options to propogate to all objects
> extending the defaults?

It’s the same thing as redefining a method inherited from a prototype.

Why would you extend the default at all if you *don’t* want changes to 
it to propagate to descendents? If you don’t want propagation, make a copy.

> This seems like a right pain in the ass to debug/maintain?

In some cases, maybe; in other cases, I think not.

It also can better model what’s going on: if the schema conceives of 
multiple objects explicitly sharing the same default, then yes, you *do* 
want descendents of the parent to stay in sync with the parent (unless 
the descendents themselves have set values). That seems very intuitive 
to me.

If you *want* a descendent to be independent of the parent, then don’t 
make it a descendent; make it a copy.

FWIW, the YUI thing was pretty unintuitive to me and took me a while to 


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