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Tue Nov 8 11:17:18 PST 2011

>> What’s the use case?
> I thought I gave a pretty reasonable one before, but just in case:

Thanks! Shorter is better... ;-)

> In YUI, it’s impossible to use this otherwise-useful pattern:
> ---------
> var base_config = { width: "600px" };
>> var my_config = Object.create(base_config);
> my_config.visible = false;
> var widget = new Y.Widget(my_config);
> ---------
> In the example above, YUI will not see the “width” property because
> YUI rejects all inherited properties when it iterates through the
> configuration hash.

Got it, you want to non-destructively modify base_config. It is kind of tricky to know when to stop traversing the prototype chain, so the more straightforward solution is to make a copy and modify there or to non-destructively merge:

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