Are some es-discuss submissions automatically blocked?

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Tue Nov 8 01:00:12 PST 2011

> We use Google Postini in concert with Mailman. Postini needs to 
> be told sometimes. If you don't see mail get through, mail 
> es-discuss-owner at about it.
> /be

While that has helped usually, in this particular case my email to
es-discuss-owner (19.10.2011) also disappeared without reply. 
As did another attempt to reach you directly (22.10.2011). So
the system seems to have more serious issues at the moment.

How many es-discuss-owners are left, and do they all use the 
same filters as es-discuss? Do they check their spam folders
(perhaps weekly), or is "spam" deleted automatically/unseen?


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