Are some es-discuss submissions automatically blocked?

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Claus Reinke could not submit his js-tools discussion group announcement (interestingly, I could do it for him). And the email I appended underneath my signature never got through. Can someone explain the blocking criteria?



Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
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Subject: Fixing one last quirk

With Allen’s “decoupling [ ] and property access for collections” [1], all of the JavaScript quirks that I can think of will be fixed in (including, hopefully, typeof null). Except for one: solving dynamic `this` is still in limbo (as far as I can tell).

It would be really nice if it could be fixed for, it is surprisingly easy to get it wrong.

Any thoughts? For me, lambda blocks would do the trick. Will those be in Could functions adopt their semantics of picking up the `this` of the surrounding scope when not invoked as methods? It seems like that could work in strict mode where no one expects `this` to have a value.

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