Loyal Opposition to Const, Private, Freeze, Non-Configurable, Non-Writable...

Harutyun Amirjanyan amirjanyan at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 13:56:03 PDT 2011

> "freedom" includes my ability to fence my yard.
yep, but that fence can't be removed ever after.
and if there are irremovable fences, it's important to make sure, they
do not rise by themselves.

e.g. requiring "public" (thanks for not doing that:)
freezing module scope.
adding better syntax for @private variables (private variables in
closures already have advantage by not needing "this.")
are all luring people to build fences they don't need.

to keep game fair,
not building a fence should be at least as easy as building one.

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