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David Bruant bruant.d at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 15:45:23 PDT 2011

Le 02/11/2011 22:56, Jake Verbaten a écrit :
>>     I don't think I've ever heard an active JavaScript developer, who
>>     has been programming in JavaScript longer than 6 months, ask for
>>     private class or instance variables.
>     Your own code:
>     https://github.com/mikeal/npmjs.org/commit/c0d9cc77e79504b9a7c23b4fac735dde97444054#L3R10
>     Line 35, you define the function stopBuffering (keeping only
>     relevant parts):
>     ----
>     function File (options) {
>       var stopBuffering = function () {
>         // ...
>       }
>     }
>     ----
>     Why didn't you do this.stopBuffering = function(){}?
>     Maybe you used the keyword "var", but you effectively created a
>     private method of your "File" class. With a class syntax, you
>     would have used the "private" keyword to achieve the same thing.
>     Maybe you don't call it this way, but you use (and de facto ask
>     for) privacy.
> I think making such broad statements as "every local variable is
> actually a 'private' variable" is just plain silly.
What is the difference between a local variable and a private object
Both reduce access to the data they store. Private properties are only
accessible from the body of a given number of functions, local variables
too. What is the difference?
I don't get why we would push 'let' to ES.next and not private properties.

> To me that looks like a utility method for code organisation points.
> "private" means its a private method/data that's used in other methods
> of an object. That particular function is not used in any method.
> And no, with class syntax it would not be private, it would still be a
> utility function inside the constructor.
You're right, I didn't analyse the code enough. Sorry, my mistake.
But my point remains. Why make a "utility function"? What is "utility"?
Why isn't it public like everything else?

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