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Le 02/11/2011 16:15, Quildreen Motta a écrit :
> On 02/11/11 13:01, David Bruant wrote:
>> Le 02/11/2011 14:26, Jeremy Ashkenas a écrit :
>>> (Full Disclosure: I'm still very opposed to const, private, and
>>> their object-lockdown friends, ....)
>> Regarding "const", it's an optional keyword basically telling the
>> interpreter "hey, the value isn't suppose to change at runtime,
>> please ensure it!". It prevents bugs of mistakenly redefining
>> something that shouldn't be redefined. Why are you opposed to this?
> Yeah, immutability and referential transparency are wonderful things.
> I wish JavaScript developers would rely more on it, it makes things
> saner to work with. Though is `const' the same as Object.freeze(thing)
> when `thing' is an object? Or does it just ensure that the slot in the
> object isn't reassigned?
It depends on the context. If const is used in front of a variable, the
variable value will remains constant. The definition of a const class is
given by Brendan ( ~l.239). There is a
semantics of const functions I don't remember.

>> Regarding "private", I'm puzzled. Having private attributes in
>> objects is necessary to implement encapsulation and get all the
>> benefits of good object-oriented practices.
> I still think `private' is quite overrated. It gets terrible if you
> want to test something and the developer went through all the trouble
> of making proxies to access everything, as well as making everything
> stateful.
If you stab me, I won't accuse the knife.
I agree with what you describe, but it's the problem of the developer
misusing the feature rather than an inherent problem of the feature itself.

> That said, there are some valid use-cases for it... I guess?
Encapsulation? Stability of interfaces? Better readability? The use case
is more about code quality and expressiveness rather than adding a new
capability to the language.

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