Minimalist Classes

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On 01.11.2011 21:41, Axel Rauschmayer wrote:
> If I am not mistaken, this approach would not work with 
>, which lets you pick any method and hand in an 
> arbitrary |this|. That means you skip a step in the tracking that you 
> are performing.

Can you show an example (and also the same example which is solved by 
es-proposed super-calls)?

The technique I showed of course initially is designed to be used with 
class-system; though, I think it can be adopted to class-free system as 


>> If Dave (and you) is talking about the problem of i-looping at 
>> resolving deeper than 2nd level super-calls, then even call-stack is 
>> not needed.
>> See this implementation: (with 
>> delete-restore the parent link technique).
>> Usage level with examples (line 95):
> -- 
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